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With its auspicious goal to produce competent and efficient human resource that can be instrumental in conservation and management of biodiversity, environment and natural resources and  development of rural communities, the IOF-PC, with the help of its enthusiastic teaching faculty and spirited staff, has always endeavored to ameliorate its academic environment and administer well designed educational programs that can address the current needs of the country  and the globe in forestry and allied fields. It is committed to satisfying student's quest for knowledge and pragmatic skills that will make all the difference in their professional career. The IOF-PC is currently running the following academic programs:

  1. Master of Science in Forestry
  2. Master of Science in Natural Resource Management and Rural Development (NRMRD)
  3. Master of Science in Watershed Management (WM)
  4. Master of Science in Community Forestry (CF)
  5. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Forestry

Beside regular academic programs, it also conducts short-term national and international training and workshops in Forestry and allied subjects.

General Administration

  • Mr. Mohan Prasad Sharma, Section Officer, Head
  • Mr. Manoj Kumar Paudel, Head Library Assistant

Account Section

  • Mr. Kedarnath Paudel, Account Officer, Head
  • Mr. Keshab Singh Air, Office Assistant

Personnel Administration

  • Mr. Dhruba Gopal Parajuli, Assoc. Finance Controller, Head
  • Mr. Ram Chandra Paudel, Head Assistant

Planning Section

  • Mr. Surya Chhetri, Deputy Librarian, Head
  • Mr. Dev Narayan Yadav, Head Assistant

Student Welfare Section

  • Mr. Surya Chhetri, Deputy Librarian, Head

Library Section

  • Mr. Surya Chhetri, Deputy Librarian, Head
  • Mr. Kedar Prasad Shrestha, Section Officer
  • Ms. Laxmi Neupane, Library Assistant

Academic Administration

  • Mr. Mohan Prasad Sharma, Section Officer, Head
  • Ms. Bandana Paudel, Head Assistant

Store Section

  • Mr. Taranath Baral, Officer (Electricity ), Head
  • Mr. Ananda Mohan Sharma, Computer Operator

EMIS Section

  • Mr. Deepak Lamichhane, Head Technical Assistant(I.T.), Head

Electricity and Water Supply

  • Mr. Harischandra Tripathi, Senior Technician (Plumbing)
  • Mr. Binod Bahadur Thapa, Senior Technician (Electricity)
  • Mr. Rum Bahadur Khatri, Assistant Technician (Electricity)


Physics Lab

  • Mr. Kumar Jha, Lab Officer

GIS [IT] Lab

  • Mr. Deepak Lamichhane, Head Technical Assistant(I.T.)

Wildlife Biology and silviculture Lab

  • Mr. Balaram Dhungana, Senior Lab Technician

Surveying and Engineering Lab

  • Mr. Ram Lal Paudel, Senior Lab Technician

Botany Lab

  • N/A

Chemistry Lab

  • Mr. Abadh Narayan Chaudhary, Senior Lab Technician

Soil and Utilization Lab

  • Mr. Hit Bahadur Kunwar, Lab Technician

Office Supporting Staffs

  1. Sambhu Raj Ghalan [Head]
  2. Arjun Prasad Neupane
  3. Krishna Bahadur Suyal Chhetri
  4. Man Bahadur Karki
  5. Bhim Prasad Parajuli
  6. Laxmi Nepali
  7. Dawa Lama
  8. Shanta Maya Suyal Chhetri
  9. Rewati Sharma Paudel
  10. Bharat Raj Bhandari
  11. Krishna Das Bairagi
  12. Suk Bahadur Jalari
  13. Binod Kumar Yadav
  14. Dudha Raj Gurung
  15. Bishwakranti Singh Danuwar
  16. Sachindra Jalari
  17. Indra Bahadur Ranabhat
  18. Dilli Prasad Paudel
  19. Lil Bahadur Garbuja

M.Sc. Program Administration

  • Mr. Kedarnath Paudel – Section Head
  • Mr.Deepak Lamichhane- Head Technical Assistant(I.T.)
  • Mr. Bishwakranti Singh Danuwar – Office Helper
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