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Key Officials

Campus Chief

  • Prof. Binod Prasad Heyojoo

Assistant Campus Chief

  • Bishnu Prasad Devkota, PhD

Heads of the Departments

  • Watershed Management and Environmental Science: Asst. Prof. Lila Puri, PhD
  • Social Forestry and Forest Management: Asst. Prof. Ms. Neeru Thapa
  • Department of Basic Science and Humanities:  Assoc. Prof. Raj Kumar Koirala, PhD
  • Forest Products and Engineering:  Asst. Prof. Ms. Anju Upadhyaya
  • Silviculture and Forest Biology: Asst. Prof. Mr. Uday Kumar Singh
  • Park Recreation and Wildlife Management:  Assoc. Prof. Thakur Silwal, PhD

Administrative Sections

  • Account: Mr. Yaman Sinha Bohora
  • Planning: Mr. Surya Chhetri
  • Personnel Administration: Mr. Taranath Baral
  • Library: Mr. Surya Chhetri
  • Academic: Mr. Kedarnath Paudel
  • General Administration:  Mr. Mohan Prasad Sharma
  • Store:  Mr. Taranath Baral
  • Lab: Mr. Kumar Jha
  • Information Technology (IT) : Mr. Pradip Subedi