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Message from the Campus Chief

Prof. Binod Prasad Heyojoo

The Pokhara Campus (PC) of the Institute of Forestry, Tribhuvan University, was established in 1981 with technical and financial assistance from the World Bank, International Development Agency (IDA) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). We, at the PC, have founded a strong base with good infrastructures and qualified faculty and staff who are dedicated to providing academic instruction, guidance, assistance, and mentoring. We have been administering well designed educational programs in academic environment conducive to fulfilling students’ quest for knowledge and pragmatic skills by involving them in course works and research activities. Now, we run a four-year Bachelor of Science in Forestry (B.Sc. F.) and four two-year Master of Science programs in four different disciplines: a) Forestry, b) Natural Resource Management and Rural Development (NRMRD), c) Watershed Management (WM) and d) Community Forestry (CF). Recognizing the role of living environment outside the classroom in students’ total education, we maintain an environment conducive to our students’ broad intellectual growth and greater participation in the life of academic community. We take pride in supporting our students in their endeavour to achieve golden goals, as they remain in constant touch with and seek guidance from our faculty even after their graduation.

As our teaching and research at the PC preserve and enrich the creative learning traditions, we are persevering to become a center of excellence in forestry and related fields by developing suitable working environment with proper planning and management of the available resources, faculty and staff. To catch up with ever changing need of the students in the forestry profession, we have formulated a five-year strategic plan to establish policy, plan and direction ahead to fulfill the need of forestry professionals for the country. We have also initiated our attempt to attain Quality Assurance Accreditation (QAA) from the UGC, which will ensure the sustainable management and development of academic and administrative wings of our PC and facilitate it for academic excellence by assessing its performance and weaknesses.

In addition, we are putting our efforts in creating an international presence. Through our official website, we are proud to present some of the information about education and research undertaken at the PC.
As Campus Chief of the PC, I am very thankful to all my predecessors for their contribution to the campus and seek cooperation from all faculty and staff for quality education for all our prospective students. I commit to academic programs well founded on excellence and innovation.