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MemCoE/Hariyoban Project

Strengthening Women’s Academic Leadership in the Forestry and Natural Resource Management Sector

 Duration: August 20, 2013 to December 30, 2015

Project Goal: To strengthen women’s academic leadership in forestry and natural resource management sector by developing adequate housing for female students, by developing and institutionalizing a gender responsive and socially inclusive environment and by mainstreaming gender and social inclusion in the institute of forestry curricula.

Specific Objectives

  • To develop residential facilities for women students at the institute;
  • To develop and institutionalize a gender responsive and socially inclusive environment at the IOF;
  • To develop courses in gender and social inclusion; and
  • To develop GESI teaching Materials and organize SI teaching workshop.

Major Activities: Solar power back-up installation, furniture supply and installation, gender and social inclusion (SI) course development, training the teachers of SI, SI teaching workshop, SI teaching material development, procurement of SI books and teaching materials, etc.

Funded by: USAID/Hariyo Ban Program

Budget: NPR 1,751,061.00

Collaborators: MemCoE/Institute of Forestry (TU), USAID, WWF, CARE, FECOFUN, \     NTNC

Project Coordinator: Mr. Abadhesh Singh ([email protected])

Website:   www.iof.edu.np