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NUFU Project

NUFU Project: Education, Research and Training for Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in Himalayan Watersheds

Duration: 5 years (2007 – 2012)

Project Goal: Develop regional network of universities/ institutions in the Himalayan Region; implement integrated teaching and research program for management of natural resources as a basis for sustainable development of watersheds

Major Activities: Establishing a network among 4 mountain universities in the Himalayan region  for joint course programs and research; MSc curriculum development, teaching, and capacity building; Continuing existing PhD research &  initiate new PhD research (involving candidates from partner institutions); Integration of teaching and research

Funded by: NORAD

Budget: NOK 5,324,000

Collaborators:  5 Universities (Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway; TU, Institute of Forestry;  Kathmandu University, Nepal;  Karakorum Intl. University, Pakistan, Kabul University, Afghanistan)

Project Coordinator: Prof. Mohan K. Balla ([email protected])

Website: www.umb.no, www.iof.edu.np