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ICIMOD/SERVIR-Himalaya Project

Geo spatial Modeling for Fire Hazard Mapping and Management

Duration:  year (1 one)

Project Goal:

  • To prepare an adaptive local forest fire management plan backed up by detailed analysis of the status, impact, causes of the recurring forest fires & common community responses
  • To Prepare GIS aided accurate hazard zonation map integrating the fuel survey data

 Major Activities: to prepare improved CBFiM plan in 2014.

Funded by: ICIMOD/ SERVIR-Himalaya Small Grants Programme (RFP No: RFP 102)

Collaborator:  ICIMOD

Project Coordinator: Prof. Binod Prasad Heyojoo

Website:   www.iof.edu.np

Project Publication:

  1. Final Report
  2. CBFiM Plan of three CFs

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Project Team:

  1. Dr. Keshab Datta Awasthi, Team Leader
  2. Binod P Heyojoo, Co-ordinator
  3. Biswombher M Pradhan, Forest Engineering
  4. Yajna Prasad Timalsina, Data Analysis
  5. Lila Puri, Social Science
  6. Rajan Subedi, Fire Ecology
  7. Nisha Acharya, Forestry
  8. Suman Bhattarai, Forest Inventory
  9. Shreekant Khatiwada, Strategy planning
  10. Navin K Yadav, Research Assistant