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ACIAR Project

Enhancing livelihoods and food security from agro-forestry and community forestry in Nepal (ACTION RESEARCH)

Duration: 5 years (2013-2017)

Project Goal: Enhance livelihoods and food security from improved implementation of agroforestry and community forestry systems in the Middle Hills of Nepal

Major Activities: Action research on different issues (policy, institution, market, and model) related to AF, CF & UUL

Funded by: ACIAR, Australian Government

Budget: $ 2.5 million

Collaborators: 7 Nepali (IOF, IUCN, SN, FA, NAF, CFD, FECOFUN) + 3 International partners (UoA, UoNSW & ICRAF) where IOF is leading GIS activities.

Project Coordinator: Mr. Binod P. Heyojoo ([email protected])

Website: http: //aciar.gov.au/project/fst/2011/076