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With its auspicious goal to produce competent and efficient human resource that can be instrumental in conservation and management of biodiversity, environment and natural resources and  development of rural communities, the IOF-PC, with the help of its enthusiastic teaching faculty and spirited staff, has always endeavored to ameliorate its academic environment and administer well designed educational programs that can address the current needs of the country  and the globe in forestry and allied fields. It is committed to satisfying student's quest for knowledge and pragmatic skills that will make all the difference in their professional career. The IOF-PC is currently running the following academic programs:

  1. Master of Science in Forestry
  2. Master of Science in Natural Resource Management and Rural Development (NRMRD)
  3. Master of Science in Watershed Management (WM)
  4. Master of Science in Community Forestry (CF)
  5. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Forestry

Beside regular academic programs, it also conducts short-term national and international training and workshops in Forestry and allied subjects.

Jit Narayan Sah, PhD

Name: Jit Narayan Sah, PhD

Position: Associate Professor

Subject: Chemistry and Forest Products Utilization

Department: Basic Science and Humanities/Forest Products and Engineering


  • PhD in Forestry (Chemistry of Forest Products), Forest Research Institute University (FRIU), Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India
  • One year Post Graduate Diploma Course in Wood Science and Technology, Forest Research Institute (FRI), Deemed University, Dehradun, India
  • M.Sc. in Chemistry (Specialization: Organic Chemistry), L. N. M. University, India

Area of Interest:

Forest Products Utilization, NTFPs/Chemistry of Forest Products, Phytochemistry, Natural Products, Wood Science and Technology, Bio-energy, alternate energy, Community Forestry, and Plantation in waste and degraded land model of agro-forestry  


  • Member Secretory of Examination Board and General Administration at IOF, TU, 24 June 2018 to date
  • Member Secretory of Research Committee and Faculty Board at IOF, TU, 24 June 2018 to June 2020
  • Planning, Academic and General Administration in Office of the Dean at IOF, 24 June 2018 to June 2020
  • Serving as Acting Dean in the absence of the Dean at IOF, TU, Kirtipur, Kathmandu

Chairman of Building Construction Committee:

  • Institute of Forestry, Office of the Dean Building, TU, at Kirtipur, Kathmandu, July 2018 to date

Chairman of Entrance Examination Committee:

  • Master’s Program (MSc Forestry, MSc Wildlife Management & Biodiversity Conservation, MSc CF, MSc WM, MSc NRM&RD, MSc MEDS) and also BSc Forestry in IOF, TU (2019-2021)

Subject teaching and research: 

  • Chemistry/Wood-Chemistry/Forest Products Utilization/NTFPs/Bioenergy/Environmental Chemistry/ Wood Science and Technology/Alternate Energy, Bioenergy, Forest-Based Enterprises Development/ Forest Wildlife Products Enterprises Development to Postgraduate as well as undergraduate level

National and International Journal Articles:

  • Gaire, D., Jiang, L., Yadav, V. K., Shah, J. N., Dhungana, S., Upadhyaya, , Manjan, S. K. and Heyojoo, B. K. Variation of Medicinal Plants Species Richness along Vertical Gradient in Makawanpur District, Nepal. Journal of Forest and Environmental Science, pISSN: 2288-9744, eISSN: 2288-9752 Journal of Forest and Environmental Science 2021,37(2):104-115, JFES 104, Science
  • Sah, R., Sah, J. N. and Sah, R. K. analyzing the factors influencing the promotion of Cinnamomum tamala and its economic contribution: International Journal of Botany Studies. 2021, 6, (3): 2021, 746-750. ISSN: 2455-541X
  • Sah, J. N., Singh, U. K. and Sah, R. K. Potential of non-timber forest products in contribution on rural livelihood. Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies, 9(2): 2021, 141-145. DOI: plants.2021. v9. i2b.1265
  • Shah, A. P., Thapa, P., Sah, J. N. and Sah, R. K. Formulation and evaluation of levocetirizine dihydrochloride mouth dissolving tablets, Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, 10(2): 2021, 125-128, E-ISSN: 2278-4136 P-ISSN: 2349-8234.
  • Sah, R. K. and Sah, J. N. Stem cells: Time for regenerative medicine, Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies; 9(2): 2021, 32-40, E-ISSN: 2320-7078 P-ISSN: 2349-6800.
  • Regmi, A., Mandal R. A., Subedi, A, Mathema, A. B.  and Sah, J. N. Evaluating Provisioning Services in Betana Wetland Area, Belbari, Morang, Nepal, Open Access Journal of Waste Management and Xenobiotics, 2020: ISSN: 2640-2718, MEDWIN Publisher
  • Suman, R., Sah, J., Nivedita, M. K. and Sah, J. N.: Formulation and Evaluation of Solid Lipid Nanoparticles of Alendronate Sodium using Different Lipids, International Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences-IJPBSTM, 9(2): 2019,1327-1334 Online ISSN:2230-7605. DOI: 2019.9.2.160                                                                                 
  • Sah, M., Shah, K. P., Yadav, R., Sah, J. N. and Ranjan, R.: Interaction of nitrogen doses and establishment methods in lowland rice at Parwanipur, Bara, Nepal, Archives of Agriculture and Environmental Science 4(1):2019,113-118 24566632.2019.0401018
  • Budha, B. K., Jha, S., Sah, J. N. and Darlam, H. B.:  Energy recovery and solid organic waste management using dry anaerobic digestion.  Journal NX- A Multidisciplinary Peer Reviewed Journal 4 (10): 2018,2581-4230
  • Sedai C. P., Varshney, V. K., and Sah, J. N.: A. Altitudinal variation of bitter principle of Swertia chirayita and its standardization, Research Journal of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, 4(6): 2016, 7-10.
  • Sah, J. N., Varshney, V. K. and Dutta, I. C.:  HPTLC assisted evaluation of picrosides content in the Accessions of Picrorhiza kurrooa grown at different altitude in Nepal. The Natural Products Journal, 5(1): 2015, 82-90.
  • Sharma, R. P., Timilsina, Y. P. and Sah, J. N.: Physiographic condition for potential Non-timber forest products in metamorphic terrain”: An analytical study from Nagi community forest, Myagdi district, Nepal. Annals of Forestry, An International Journal of Science, 22(1): 2014, 1-11.
  • Sharma, R. P., Timilsina, Y. P. and Sah, J. N.: Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: Listing, Altitudinal Distribution and its Impact on Socio-Economic Condition of Chepang Communities, Chitwan District, Nepal. EJournal of Applied Forest Ecology (Ejafe), 2(1): 2014, 45-54.
  • Sah, J. N. and Varshney, V. K.: Chemical constituents from genus Picrorhiza-a review, American Journal of Essential Oil and Natural Products (AJOENP), 1(2): 2013, 22-37.
  • Ranjan R, Sangwan R. S., Siwach S. S., Sangwan, O., Nancee, Sah, M. and Sah, J. N.: Heritability and genetic advance in Asiatic cotton (Gossypium arboretum L) genotypes. Symposium papers, Global Cotton Production Technologies vis-a-vis Climate Change, Book of Paper, 2012, 202 -204.
  • Choudhry, G. and Sah, J. N.: “Use of Bamboo in a Rural house of Reinforcement Concrete” in the “Fourth Royal of National Conference on Science and Technology”, Proceedings of IV National Conference on Science and Technology (NAST), Lalitpur, Nepal, March 24-26, 2004, 1427-1433.
  • Sah, J. N.: Wood Adhesives. Journal of The Prabhat, Institute of Forestry, Pokhara Campus, Pokhara, 2002, 8(1), 32-35.

Achievements: National Awarded:

  • Ka Shreni Nepal Bidya Bhushan Padak awarded by Honorable President of Nepal Bidya Devi Bhandari on the occasion of National Education Day on 23 Bhadra, 2074 (2017 AD)

MSc Dissertation (Thesis) Viva-Voce Expert:

  • Analysis of Psychrophilic Alternatives for Production of Biogas at Low Temperature Range of MSc in Renewable Energy Engineering  at Institute of Engineering (IOE), TU, Nepal, January- 2020
  • Antifungal Activity of Some Plant’s Essential Oils Against Post Harvest Fungal Disease of Apple Fruit (2072-74) MSc, Central Department of Botany (CDB),TU, Nepal, 2019

Research Project Completed:

  • Application of Silvicultural Methods for Managing Disease and Improvement of Forest Productivity in Forest of Nepal, Institutional Strategies Research Grant from IOF Dean’s Office, 2020.
  • Variation in Medicinal Plants Species Richness along Elevation Gradients (A long-term study from Makawanpur and Chitwan districts by establishing permanent plots), Institutnal Strategies Research Grant from IOF Dean’s Office, 2020.
  • Potential Non-timber Forest Products (NTFPs) and their contribution to rural livelihood (A Case Study from Ghermu, VDC of Lamjung District of Mid hill, Nepal), funded from SCIFOR Project Office, IOF, December-2018.
  • Conservation and Domestication of Picrorhiza kurrooa, a Threatened Medicinal Plant species through Assessment of its Chemical Variability, funded by IOF-UMB-NUFU Networking Project Office, IOF, January- 2011
  • An Assessment of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants used by Chepang Communities of Chitwan District and its role on Socioeconomic Condition funded by IOF-UMB-NUFU Networking Project Office, IOF, January- 2010
  • An Assessment of Potential Non-Timber Forest Products’ at Nagi Community Forest of Maygdi District and its Contribution on Rural Livelihood, funded by IOF-UMB-NUFU Networking Project Office, IOF, Pokhara, January-2010
  • Trade Pattern of Non-Timber Forest Products in Community Forests. Report submitted to ComForM Project/IOF Pokhara, February-2009
  • Medicinal Plants and Indigenous Medical practice by Tribal People of Kankali CFUG Research fund Project report submitted to ComForM Project, IOF, Pokhara, April -2007

Others Responsibilities:

  • Supervised and Co-supervise MSc/BSc Thesis/Project Paper/Inernship (Forestry; NRM& RD and WSM/CF/ME&DS/ WM&BC) students at IOF, Pokhara/Hetauda Campus/School of Natural Resource Management.

Past and present job experiences:

  • 12 July 2019 to date: Associate Professor in Chemistry
    Department of Basic Science and Humanities/Dept. of Forest Products and Engineering
  • 17 Feb. 2004 to 11 July 2019: Assistant Professor in Chemistry, IOF, Pokhara Campus
  • 4 April 2001 to 16 Feb 2004: Assistant Lecturer in Forest Utilization, IOF, Pokhara Campus
  • 24 Nov. 1998 to 3 April 2001: Assistant Lecturer in Forestry, IOF, Hetauda Campus

Past academic responsibilities:

  • Chairman and Faculty board member: Basic Science and Humanities Subject Committee, Institute of Forestry, Pokhara, July 2014- June 2018
  • Course Coordinator: NTFPs/Bio-energy (M.Sc. Forestry, NRM&RD, and Watershed Management till 2019
  • Member of Entrance Examination Committee: BSc Forestry as well as MSc Level at Office of the Dean, IOF, TU. Up to 2018
  • Tour in charge: Academic field, laboratory, excursion, industrial manufacturing process, Nepal as well as India: BSc and MSc at IOF till 2019
  • Field Co-ordinator in the research team at IOF/Evaluation team in On-going Rashtrapati Chure Terai Madhesh Conservation Development Project, Nepal May-July, 2019.
  • Helped as team Member in research ComForM, SCIFoR project collaboration with KVL University, Copenhagen, Denmark/NUFU Project, Norwegian University of Life Science, support from NUFU, Norway/MemcoE Project, Memorial Centre of Excellence, IOF (MemCoE), collaboration with Virginia University, USA, 2004 to onwards. Biome Health Project (2019-21) for conducting research in human-wildlife conflict, and allied area.

4 July 1995 to 23 November 1998: Plantation Manager:

  • Kit Ply Industries Limited, Agroforestry Division, Raipur, Madhya Pradesh (MP), India

Job Responsibilities:

  • Performed and executed fast-growing species of plantation work starting from Land Development of 1700 acres of Waste and Degraded Land Reclamation Project of Madhya Pradesh (MP), India
  • Formulated budget and project performance report of Agroforestry Division: monthly; half and yearly.
  • Thorough knowledge of raising nursery and maintenance of different fast-growing species plants viz.: Anthocephalus chinensis, Ailanthus excelsa, Albezia procera, lebbeck, Azadirachta indica, Bombax ceiba, Dendroclamus strictus, Eucalyptus camaldulensis, Gmelina arborea, Melia azadarech, Techtona grandis, Termanila arjuna,, etc.
  • Launched Indo-Canadian Environmental Facilities (ICEF) Project in 110 hectares for fast-growing tree species with agricultural crops in the collaboration of Western Ontario University, Canada and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT, Kharagpur), India. This method used industrial waste like fly ash from NTPC, Korba, MP and sewage sludge from Bhilai Steel Plant, MP. The effect of fly ash and sewage sludge and existing soil under the growth of the plant had been ever encouraging.
  • This technology helps in the quicker growth of the plants (4 times earlier) compared to the natural growth.

Organization Affiliation:

  • Vice-President: Nepal Chemical Society, Gandaki Province, Nepal since 2019 onwards
  • Life Member: Nepal Chemical Society, Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal since 1994 onwards
  • Member: Forestry and Environment Subject Committee, Purwanchal University, Biratnagar from Chaitra 2077 for three years

Contact Address:

Jit Narayan Sah, PhD
Associate Professor and Assistant Dean Office of the Dean,
Institute of Forestry, TU, Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone no. +977-1-4333926-27 Kathmandu
Pokhara: 977-61-431563;
Cell No. +977-9856027615
E-mail: [email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]

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