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“GPS & GIS Training on Scientific Forest Management (SFM) – AACD-IOF

Alumni Association for Conservation and Development (AACD) is a non-profit, nongovernmental national level organization established in 2009 with the initiation of a group of forestry graduates interested on conservation and development. AACD is legally registered in district administration office of Kathmandu and Social Welfare Council (SWC), Kathmandu, Nepal. AACD-IOF Coordination Committee is a coordinating wing of central AACD established in 2010 realizing the inability of physical presence of Alumni to implement any activities within IOF due to time and budget constraint.

AACD-IOF Coordination Committee has successfully organized “GPS & GIS Training on SFM-2076” from 21st-25th Shrawan to the students of B.Sc.

Aim and Objectives of the training

  • To enhance the capacity in GPS and GIS technology
  • To enrich student’s knowledge regarding application of GPS & GIS in the forestry and the allied field

Session Plan:

Day 1:

  • Registration and Opening
  • Introduction to GPS & GIS, its opportunities and application in Nepal
  • GPS demo for data capturing (GPS setup and position format)
  • Exercise for GPS settings and familiarization with GPS functions
  • Data Capturing using GPS

Day 2:

  • ArcGIS 10.5 installation in personal computer/laptop
  • Transfer GPS data directly from GPS to ArcMap
  • Adding excel sheet manually to ArcMap 10
  • Demo on creating and editing shape files – Point, Line, Polygons
  • Exercise for delineation of boundary (joining the points) and editing of the polygon shapefiles

Day 3:

  • Map Preparation and Block division
  • familiarization about Google Earth (Data transfer to ArcMap)
  • Sample plot layout from ArcMap
  • Stratified systematic sampling design (fishnet design)
  • Stratified random sampling design (random points)

Day 4:

  • Exercises on sample plot layout and data management
  • Concept of attribute database
  • Exercise on link spatial and attribute data
  • Concept of Design/Cartography, Symbology and map elements
  • Working with symbology and map layout

Day 5:

  • Group Work
  • Group Work Presentation

Closing Session

  • Evaluation of training and feedback
  • Speech from Trainer
  • Vote of thanks from participants
  • Closing remarks from chief guest


On the last day, the participants were divided into 6 groups and given the group works which was evaluated by Vice-Dean, Mr. Mahendra Thapa, For-Campus Chief Mr. Bharat Mahato & Trainer Mr. Navraj Shahi. Group A was awarded with Special Prize for Best Presenting Group. Miss Aarati Khatri, Miss. Alisha Sharma, Mr. Milan Baral, & Mr. Ganesh Aidii gave their feedback and suggestions about the training. The closing ceremony and certificate distribution was conducted in the presence of IOF, Vice-Dean Mr. Mahendra Singh Thapa, as a Special guest and For-Campus Chief Mr. Bharat Mahato as a Chief Guest.

Mr. Navraj Shahi was the Chief trainer who is also a Master undergraduate in IOF, Pokhara Campus. Similarly, we had Mr. Parbin Pandit as our trainer. The Chairperson of the program was Mr. Vidyaman Thapa, Coordinator of AACD-IOF.

The executive committee of AACD- IOF Coordination Committee:

  • Vidyaman Thapa (Coordinator)
  • Aashish Kumar Joshi (Vice-Coordinator)
  • Bijaya Kafle (Secretary)
  • Bishwabandhu Acharya (Vice-Secretary)
  • Anusha Shrestha (Treasurer)

Executive members:

  • Subhash Sharma
  • Roshan Chaudhary
  • Samana Regmi
  • Asmita Bhattachan
  • Ananta Rai
  • Suraj Sharma
  • Pratikshya Aryal
  • Urusha Lamsal

Some Photo plates of Training