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With its auspicious goal to produce competent and efficient human resource that can be instrumental in conservation and management of biodiversity, environment and natural resources and  development of rural communities, the IOF-PC, with the help of its enthusiastic teaching faculty and spirited staff, has always endeavored to ameliorate its academic environment and administer well designed educational programs that can address the current needs of the country  and the globe in forestry and allied fields. It is committed to satisfying student's quest for knowledge and pragmatic skills that will make all the difference in their professional career. The IOF-PC is currently running the following academic programs:

  1. Master of Science in Forestry
  2. Master of Science in Natural Resource Management and Rural Development (NRMRD)
  3. Master of Science in Watershed Management (WM)
  4. Master of Science in Community Forestry (CF)
  5. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Forestry

Beside regular academic programs, it also conducts short-term national and international training and workshops in Forestry and allied subjects.

Department Wise Proposal Topics and Advisors/Co-Advisors List (4th Year 2nd Sem.)

Department of Park Recreation & Wildlife Management (PWM)

S.N.  Roll No. Name of Student Research Topics Dep. Advisor          Co- Advisor
1 1 Bimal Kumar Budha


Distribution Habitat Characteristics & Cons. Threats of Chinese Pangolin in Sindhupalchowk District PWM  Dr. Thakur Silwal
2 3 Saroj Lamichhane


Effectiveness of CBADU in Wildlife Conservation PWM Mr. N.P. Gautam
3 5 Barsa Aryal Population Distribution, habitat Characteristics and conservation threats to four horned Antelope in Bardia National Park PWM Mr. Suman Bhattarai
4 8 Sunita Paudel


Distribution, Habitat preference and conservation status of Blue Sheep in Apinampa Conservation Area PWM Mr. N.P. Gautam
5 9 Nunu Shrestha


Distribution Habitat Characteristics & Cons. Threats of Red Panda in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve PWM Mr. Suman Bhattarai
6 10 Aruna Paudel


Human Common Leopard conflict in Parbat district PWM Ms. Nirjala Raut Mr. Suman Bhattarai
7 15 Bishnu Pun Habitat distribution & conservation threats of Tiger in Banke National Park PWM Ms. Nirjala Raut Mr. Suman Bhattarai
8 18 Rabin Paudel


Status & distribution of Himalayan Balck Bear in Kunjo Area of ACA in Mustang district. PWM Ms. Nirjala Raut
9 19 Jipson Subedi


Status & threats in Gharial conservation in Rapti River PWM Mr. Bishnu Hari Wagle
10 23 Yam Bahadur Rawat


occurrence & distribution of python species & other snakes species in an around the Banke National Park PWM Mr. N.P. Gautam Mr. Suman Bhattarai
11 30 Dipendra K.C.


Habitat overlap and competition among major Herbivores in Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve Nepal PWM Mr. Suman Bhattarai
12 34 Bal Bahadur Bhakri


Distribution, habitat preference & threats of Red Panda in Jumla District PWM Mr. Suman Bhattarai
13 41 Unnati Sharma


Species diversity & threats to Fish Fauna in Babai River System Bardia PWM Dr. Thakur Silwal
14 47 Rajeev Bhattrai


Role of Eco-tourism in livelihood improvement of Manaslu conservation area ( a case study from SindiVDC) PWM Ms. Nisha Acharya
15 51 Puran Dev Mishra


Human-wildlife conflict in Suklaphanta Wildlife reserve Buffer zone PWM Ms. Nirjala Raut
16 52 Binod Khatiwada


How much is enough? Human-elephant conflict & Mitigation measure in Bhaundangi, Jhapa PWM Dr. Thakur Silwal
17 53 Niraj Jha Gharial (gavialis, gangeticus) status distribution & threats in Babai river PWM Mr. Bishnu Hari Wagle
18 58 Bishow Poudel


Assessing opportunities and challenges of Eco-tourisim around Ghorepani Village PWM Mr. Shreekant Khatiwada
19 59 Rajnee Gurung


Mapping human wildlife conflict in ACA (Ghandruk VDC) PWM Dr. Thakur Silwal
20 60 Pramila Koirala


Population status & threats of Blue bull (Bosclaphus tragocamelus) in Bardia National Park & its Buffer Zone PWM Dr. Thakur Silwal
21 63 Naba Raj Thapa


Distribution & conservation threats of Chinese Pangolin in Sipadol VDC, Bhaktapur PWM Ms. Nirjala Raut
22 70 Bishal Shrestha


Status of Indian Flying Fox (Pteropus giganteus) in Pokhara Valley PWM Mr. Bijaya Neupane Mr. N.P. Gautam
23 73 Krishna Prasad Dahal


Abundance, distribution & conservation threats outside protected area (a case study of Setidevi & Gyaneshwor CF, Chitwan) PWM Mr. Suman Bhattarai
24 74 Jivan Paudel


Study of Habitat distribution pattern & conservation treats to Red panda in Jajarkot PWM Mr. N.P. Gautam
25 81 Prasant Kanwar


status & distribution of  in the farmland of Lumbini PWM Ms. Nirjala Raut
26 82 Ram Milan Rana


Habitat preference and distribution of Himalayan Black Bear PWM Mr. N.P. Gautam


Department of Forest Products and Engineering (FPE)


S.N.  Roll No. Name of Student Research Topics Dep. Advisor          Co- Advisor
1 2 Khim Raj Oli Contribution of Rasin Tapping to enhance the livelihood of Local People FPE Prof. Achyut Raj Gyawali
2 7 Bimala Poudel


Contribution of Rasin Tapping to enhance the economic status of Local People (case study from Rukum District) FPE Mr. Yajna P. Timalsina
3 25 Padam Bahadur Budha


Timur & it’s contribution in supporting the livelihood of local people (a case study from Sallyan District) FPE Dr. Jit Narayan Shah Mr. Uday K. Singh
4 42 Lakshman Kunwar


Inventory & ecological study of medicinal plants in Mardi Himal Trek Rout, ACAP FPE Mr. Binod Pd Heyjoo
5 44 Subash Pokhrel


Ecology & Ethno-botanical status of Swertia Chiraita FPE Prof. Dr. Bharat Mahto
6 45 Rajan Kunwar


Impact of collection on Yarsagumba (Ophiocordyeps sinensis) in Rangeland (Kharkas) FPE Dr. Jit Narayan Shah
7 48 Datta Bahadur Basnet


An assessment of income generation through NTFPs & their impact on livelihood of users: activities & experiences of CFUG’s in Jumla District FPE Prof. Achyut Raj Gyawali
8 72 Sanjay Kandel


Contribution of NTFPs in Livelihood improvement of rural people in the mid-hill region of Nepal FPE Prof. Achyut Raj Gyawali


Department of Social Forestry & Forest Management (SFM)


S.N.  Roll No. Name of Student Research Topics Dep. Advisor          Co- Advisor
1 6 Prasanta Shrestha


Impact of locally used pesticides on Farmland Bird species SFM Mr. Bishnu Hari Wagle
2 12 Bibak Tamang


Impacts of community forestry on Livelihood of Local People SFM Dr. B.B.K. Chettri
3 13 Akshay Chaudhary


Human Elephant conflict in Bara District SFM Mr. N.P. Gautam Ms. Nirjala Raut
4 14 Hari Prasad Adhikari


Potentiality of Carbon forestry in Lete VDC of Mustang SFM Mr. Sheshkant Bhandari
5 21 Ram Kunwar


Role of Nepal army in Wildlife conservation SFM Prof. Dr. Santosh Rayamajhi Prof. A.K. Singh
6 22 Sujan Jalari Assessment of users social economic upliftment through community forestry SFM Dr. B.B.K. Chettri
7 24 Purnima Acharya Bhugai


Status, distribution threats of vulture species in an around Banke National Park SFM Mr. N.P. Gautam
8 26 Abiskar Paudel Assessment of human common Leopard & Black Bear conflict in ACA SFM Mr. Bishnu Hari Wagle
9 27 Asha Bhatta Human Leopard conflict in Kathmandu Valley (a case study of Buffer Zone of Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park) SFM Mr. Suman Bhattarai
10 29 Jeewan Pandey


Invasive species in an Around Jagdishpur Reservoir complex SFM Prof. Achyut Raj Gyawali
11 32 Khadka Kumari Silwal


Contribution of Women in Livelihood improvement and Natural resource conservation SFM Ms. Nisha Acharya
12 37 Durga Prasad Joshi


Status of poaching & illegal trade of wildlife in Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve SFM Mr. N.P. Gautam
13 39 Trivishal Sunar


Estimating the impact of invasive alien plant species in Biological and Physical term: an economic prospective SFM Mr. Sheshkant Bhandari
14 43 Dinesh Dangi


Status & distribution of invasive species in & around Beeshazari Lake complex SFM Mr. Sheshkant Bhandari
15 49 Dipa Pandit Post earthquake impact assessment in Eco-tourism (a case study of Manaslu Trek, Gorkha District Nepal) SFM Mr. Shreekant Khatiwada Mr. N.P. Gautam
16 50 Sovit Khatri Study on earthquake impact on the forest Eco-system service & local community SFM Mr. Yajna P. Timalsina
17 54 Sagar Pahari Wolf- people conflict in Upper Mustang of Annapurna Conservation Area SFM Mr. N.P. Gautam
18 56 Promod Subedi


Human-wildlife conflict in Buffer zone area of Banke National park SFM Mr. Bishnu Hari Wagle
19 61 Sudeep K.C. Economic valuation of ecotourism: an application of contingent valuation method in Panchase SFM Mr. Shreekant Khatiwada
20 62 Nav Raj Shai


Human snow Leopard conflict (HSLC) in Nyeshang valley of Manang District Nepal SFM Dr. Thakur Silwal Mr. Paras B. Singh
21 64 Pushpa Gurung


An assessment of Ecotourism Prospects of Damauli Bandipur – Chhimkeshwori Trekking Trail SFM Mr. Shreekant Khatiwada
22 65 Sushil Subedi


Study on volume of timber species traded from the CF & its market channel in Bardia district SFM Mr. Sheshkant Bhandari Mr. Bijaya R. Subedi
23 67 Sujan Bohara


Human elephant conflict in Bardia National Park (a case study in Suryapatuwa & Thakurdwara VDCs.) SFM Mr. Mahendra Singh Thapa
24 69 Shakti K.C. Study on volume of Timber species traded from community forest & its market channel in Palpa District SFM Mr. Mahendra Singh Thapa
25 75 Srijana Poudel


Recreational activities & tourism impact in Ghandurk Village SFM Mr. N.P. Gautam Mr. Shreekant Khatiwada
26 76 Prakash Adhikari Species diversity & above ground carbon stock in tree outside of forest (a case study from Nalma, Lamjung District) SFM Mr. Mahendra Singh Thapa
27 78 Nabin Bishwokarma Timber trade practices in community forestry SFM Prof. Achyut Raj Gyawali Mr. Bijendra Basnet


 Department of Watershed Management & Environmental Science (WME)


S.N.  Roll No. Name of Student Research Topics Dep. Advisor          Co- Advisor
1 4 Alina Ale Assessment of Eco System Service, a case study from Buffer Zone Area of Bardia National Park (Khata Corridor) WME Prof. Dr. Krishna Raj Tiwari
2 11 Rekha Bhandari


      Habitat Suitability modeling of Black Buck using multiple logistics regressing in SWR Nepal WME Mr. Mahendra Singh Thapa
3 16 Bibek Shrestha


Species identification & habitat mapping of Chiroptera (a case study from Pokhara Nepal) WME Mr. Suman Bhattarai Mr. Sheshkant Bhandari
4 17 Deepak Khatri


Land used dynamic & landscape changed pattern in Mardi watershed in Nepal WME Dr. Raju Raj Regmi
5 28 Shova Khadka


Impact of Climate change on Rural livelihood & adoptation practices (Bhadaure VDC of Kaski District) WME Mr. Yajna P. Timalsina
6 31 Chitran Sharma


Site Suitability evalution for Eco tourism using GIS and AHP (a case study of Begnas Watershed Kaski) WME Mr. Mahendra Singh Thapa
7 33 Anita Thapa Assesment of existing transportation system and its effect on forest Carbon balance WME Mr. Rajan Subedi
8 38 Gopi Krishan Joshi


Land cover classification & change detection analysis of Brahmadev Corridor WME Mr. Mahendra Singh Thapa
9 40 Lokesh Bhattrai


Estimating soil erosion of West Seti watershed WME Mr. Rajan Subedi
10 46 Ram Kumar K.C.


Mapping Deforestation & distrubance using landset temporal data WME Mr. Sheshkant Bhandari
11 55 Bed Bidhan Singh


Assessment of forest disturbance based on structural change of forest using L-Band ALOS 2 WME Mr. Binod Pd Heyjoo
12 57 Anisha Aryal


Habitat mapping & analysis of Moschus sps (Himalayan Musk Deer) in Annapurna conservation Area of Nepal WME Mr. Sheshkant Bhandari Mr. Rajan Subedi
13 66 Prince Jaiswal


Local people’s perception on Climate Change, its impact & adoptive strategies in Korak VDC in Chitwan WME Prof. Dr. Krishna Raj Tiwari
14 68 Ramesh Timilsina


A comparative study of PES (Payment for Ecosystem Services) in Begnas & Rupa Lake WME Prof. Dr. Krishna Raj Tiwari
15 80 Buddhi Bahadur Gurung Climate change impacts & its local adoptive strategies WME Mr. N.P. Gautam Mr. M S Thapa


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