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With its auspicious goal to produce competent and efficient human resource that can be instrumental in conservation and management of biodiversity, environment and natural resources and  development of rural communities, the IOF-PC, with the help of its enthusiastic teaching faculty and spirited staff, has always endeavored to ameliorate its academic environment and administer well designed educational programs that can address the current needs of the country  and the globe in forestry and allied fields. It is committed to satisfying student's quest for knowledge and pragmatic skills that will make all the difference in their professional career. The IOF-PC is currently running the following academic programs:

  1. Master of Science in Forestry
  2. Master of Science in Natural Resource Management and Rural Development (NRMRD)
  3. Master of Science in Watershed Management (WM)
  4. Master of Science in Community Forestry (CF)
  5. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Forestry

Beside regular academic programs, it also conducts short-term national and international training and workshops in Forestry and allied subjects.

Binod Prasad Heyojoo

Name: Binod Prasad Heyojoo

Position: Professor

Appointed Subject: Surveying

Department: Forest Products & Engineering


  • MSc in Construction Management, University of Reading, UK
  • PG Diploma in GIS&RS, IIRS, Dehradun, India
  • BE in Civil Engineering, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Interest Area:

  • Integration of geospatial tools & technology in Forestry & NRM researches and development


  • As a research team member leading on theme of Watershed/ river training Land use survey and mapping on “Impact Evaluation of the President Chure-Tarai Madhesh Conservation Development program (PCTMCDP)” awarded from PCTMCDP, Kathmandu, Nepal, April –July, 2019
  • As a research team member on “Reviving Spring Sources in the Watershed of Lake Cluster of Pokhara Valley”under Hariyo Ban Program supported by WWF Nepal, 2018-2019
  • As a research team member and coordinator on “Geo spatial Modelling for Fire Hazard Mapping and Management” under SERVIR HIMALAYA SGP Program supported by USAID, NASA and implemented by ICIMOD, Kathmandu, 2014-2015.
  • As a research team member and coordinator on “Assessments of climate change indicators & disaster vulnerable groups and their adaptation priorities due to impact of Climate Change (A Case Study of Seti Khola Sub-watershed of Kaski District)” under Sustainable natural resource management for climate change adaptation in the Himalayan region (NORHED SUNREM-Himalaya Project) implemented by IOF, Pokhara, 2014-2015.
  • As a GIS Activity Coordinator on “Enhancing livelihoods and food security from agroforestry and community forestry in Nepal”, EnLiFT Project funded by ACIAR (Australia).The project is collaboratively under  implemention in Lamjung and Kavre district of Nepal by UoA & UoNSW from Australia, ICRAF from Indonesia and IUCN, DOF, IOF, FAN, NFA, Search Nepal, FECOFUN from Nepal, 2013-2018.
  • As a research team member and coordinator on “An Assessment of Sediment Sources from Rural Road Construction and Landslide at Phewa Lake Watershed of Kaski District, Nepal” under  UMB-NUFU Networking Project of  Institute of Forestry, Pokhara, 2008-2009.


  • Raymajhi, S., Pokharel, R.K., Tiwari, K.R., Heyojoo, B.P. Chhetri, B.B. and Kandel, P.N. ,2019, An Assessment of the President Chure-Tarai Madhesh Conservation Development Program, Forestry, Journal of Institute of Forestry, Vol 16, November 2019, pp 101-110.
  • Heyojoo, B.P.,  Yadav, N. and Subedi, R.,2017, Assessments of Climate Change Indicators, Climate Induced Disasters and Community Adaptation Strategies: A Case from High Mountain of Nepal, Book chapter-9 on Land cover change and its eco-environmental responses in Nepal, Springer Geography, 2017, pp 203-221.
  • Ojha, H., Shrestha, K.K, Subedi Y.R., Shah R., Nuberg I. K., Heyojoo B. P, Cedamon ., Tamang S., Paudel, K.P., Rigg, J., Malla Y, McManus, P., 2017, Agricultural land underutilization in the hills of Nepal: Investigating socio-environmental pathways of change. Journal of Rural Studies, Vol 53, July 2017, pp 156-172
  • Heyojoo, B.P. and Bhandari K., 2015, Assessment of Community-based Forest Fire Managemet Practices (A case study of Naubise-Bokedhunga Community Forest, Nuwakot District, Nepal), Srijana, annual publication of IOF Pokhara Campus.
  • Heyojoo, B.P., 2015, Map Projection System: Case of Nepal, The Prabhat, Forestry & Literature, annual publication of ANNFSU campus committee, IOF Pokhara campus, 2015
  • Heyojoo, B.P. 2015, Nepal’s 2015 earthquake: A wakeup call for enforcing earthquake resistance construction, article published on souvenir of 18th installation ceremony of Rotary Club of  Pokhara, August 2015, pp 46-50.
  • Heyojoo, B.P. and Bhandari K., 2015, Assessment of Community-based Forest Fire Management Practices (A case study of Naubise-Bokedhunga Community Forest, Nuwakot District, Nepal), Srijana -annual publication of IOF Pokhara, December 2015, Year 29, Vol.1, pp. 31-38,
  • Heyojoo, B.P., 2015, Mapping community forestry area with Google Earth. Bimba, Publication on Forestry & Literature, annual publication of NSU campus committee, IOF Pokhara campus , April 2015, Vol 20, pp 17-21.
  • Heyojoo, B.P., 2014, Geomatics in Nepal’s Forestry Education: Issues, Challenges & Way Out, Proceeding of SAARC Expert Group Meeting on Use of Geographic  information System (GIS) in Forest Management in South Asian Countries, 27 & 28 November, 2014 Pokhara, Nepal organized  by SAARC Forestry Centre (SFC), Bhutan and IOF/TU Nepal, December 2014, pp 9-18.
  • Yadav, N.K. and Heyojoo, B.P. 2014, Assessing Land Use Dynamics with Climate Change Indicators (A Case Study of Madi Khola Sub-watershed of Kaski District), Proceeding of International Conference on Forests, Soil and Rural Livelihoods in a Changing Climate Kathmandu, 27-30 September, 2014 Kathmandu, Nepal organized by University of Life Science, Norway; Kathmandu University; Department of Forest Research Survey; Nepal Agroforestry Foundation and Forest Action Nepal, December 2014, pp 127-144.
  • Heyojoo, B.P. and Takhachhe P., 2014. An Assessment of Lake Area Shrinkage through Geospatial Approach: Case study of Phewa Lake of Kaski District, Nepal. International Journal of Multidisciplinary and Current Research, July/August 2014, Vol.1, pp. 725-728.
  • Heyojoo, B.P. and Nandy S., 2014. Estimation of above ground phytomass and carbon in tree resources outside the forest (TROF): A geo-spatial approach. Banko Jankari, May 2014, Vol. 24 No. 1, pp. 34-40.
  • Heyojoo, B.P. and Sharma, R.P., 2013, Rural road-induced sedimentation: Severity and local perception in the Phewa Watershed, Kaski District, western Nepal, Journal of Nepal Geological Society, June 2013, Vol. 46, pp. 171-178
  • Bhatt, B.P., Awasthi, K.D., Heyojoo, B.P., Silwal, T. and Kafle, G. 2013. Using Geographic Information System and Analytical Hierarchy Process in Landslide Hazard Zonation. Applied Ecology and Environmental Sciences, 2013, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp.14-22.
  • Heyojoo, B.P., 2011. Open Source GIS software: Overview. The Prabhat, Publication on Forestry & Literature, annual publication of ANNFSU campus committee, IOF Pokhara campus, 2011, Vol 16, pp 77-80

Current and Previous Positions

Date Positions
January 2016 – Till now Professor, IOF, Pokhara Campus
February 2018 – Till now   Subject Committee Chairman of Watershed Management and Environmental Science, IOF, TU
July 2018 – Till now Head, Department of Forest Products and Engineering, IOF, Pokhara Campus
August 1994 – Till now Construction Manager, IOF, TU
March 2018 – July 2019      Co-coordinator, M.Sc. Curriculum Review and Development Committee, IOF, TU
Feb 2012 – March 2017 Subject Committee Chairman of Forest Products and Engineering
March 2011 – December 2016 Reader, IOF, Pokhara Campus
January 2006 – December 2008 ICT Facilitator, Asia Link Project, IOF, TU
August 1994 – February 2011 Lecturer, IOF, Pokhara campus

Professional and Social Involvement

  • November 1995 – Till now : Life Member and Executive Member for Regional Chapter in 1996-1998 And 2016-2018 in Nepal Engineering Association, Nepal.
  • August 1996 –Till nowPresident in 2014-2017, Vice President in 2009-2014 and Executive Member in 1996-1998 in Teacher’s Association, IOF, Pokhara Campus
  • July 2011 – Till now : President in 2019-2020, Secretary in 2013-2014 and several other responsibilities in Rotary Club of Pokhara Midtown, RI District 3292,  Nepal and Bhutan

Scholarships & Awards

April – October 2017 : World Forest Institute International Fellowship Program 2017 scholarship,   awarded by World Forestry Center, Portland, Oregon, USA

November 2015 : Faculty Mobility Grant to visit Kunming Institute of Botany (KIB) & Institute of Mountain Environment Hazards and Environment (IMHE), China, awarded by ICIMOD, Nepal

November 2014 : Academic Staff Exchange Grant to visit Department of Geography and Geology, University of Turku, Finland, awarded by ERASMUS MUNDUS, EU

July 2010 – April 2011 : Scholarship for 9 months PG Diploma Course on RS&GIS at IIRS, Dehradun, India awarded by Centre for Space Science and Technology Education for Asia and the Pacific (CSSTEAP)


Email: [email protected], [email protected]

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