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Muna Sharma

Muna Sharma, Student, B.Sc. (2068-2072), M.Sc. (2072-074)

College life experience is one of the most interesting stage in every students’ life that gives an opportunity to dive deep into the ocean of new beginnings and possibilities with a strong foundation of knowledge. For me, it has always been one of the special and mesmerizing moment to cherish for when I think of my college days. Hi, I am Muna Sharma ex-student of Institute of Forestry, Pokhara Campus, Pokhara. I was a 2068-2072 batch of my Bachelor degree and 2072-2074 batch of Masters degree. My 6 years college experience has proven to be a time of extreme transformation and development.

My experience at IoF was a blend of joy and hardships. Living with the nature was the only thing that attracted me in joining forestry.I still remember during the first days at IoF, as soon as I got my syallabus, I found myself wrong that I thought forestry is only studying about forests. We study not only silvics but at the same time we learn about soils, engineering, forest laws, wildlife, and the whole forest ecology. Making new friends, exploring nature, going on an educational tour, learning theories and experiments, group studies, party with the craziest friends after the end of semester exams was all the fun to remember of my college days.

I, who studied 6 years in Forestry College, am now a Forest Officer working in a government sector. I want to encourage all the new commerce of IoF that this college is the best platform to grow yourself and fabricate your dreams and career in the environment sector.

Muna Sharma


B.Sc. (2068-2072)

M.Sc. (2072-074)

Muna Sharma