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Dipak RPJ Shahi, B.Sc .Batch (2067-71)

Dipak RPJ Shahi, B.Sc .Batch (2067-71)

I still remember those days very vividly that it was a dream to get enrolled in Institute of Forestry, Pokhara. I always wanted to see me in natural resource management sector, so I chose IOF-PC and it made possible my dream to be true. Pursuing a career in this sector was a great advantage for me. It has enhanced my bright future and builds strong foundation in natural resource management by not only giving the quality education, regular guidance and mentoring but also enlightening my attitude towards conservation.

I was attracted to the institute’s standard of teaching and the amount of additional support available in both academic and non-academic areas. I thoroughly enjoyed the diversity of the courses from natural resource management and social science related courses to technically crucial courses such as Remote Sensing, Air-photo Interpretation and GIS application. Lectures were more like seminars, interacting with students, creating debates and discussions and given by the ones who were all experts in their particular field. It gave you confidence knowing that some of the leading academics were teaching you and motivated you to work hard in order to meet higher standards and expectations. Additionally, the variety of teaching and assessment methods from practical, group work, excursion and tours and exams made it a really accessible course to all levels and types of student. In the final semester, the experience and learning from my research (project) paper was lifelong beneficial. My dissertation supervisor allowed me to work to the best of my ability through continuous support and guidance.

Furthermore, IOF has all the amenities such as ample of books in libraries, social and relaxing hostel, separate playground for each sport, well equipped laboratories, museum, cafeteria, health care center, nurseries and arboreta, 60 hectors of own forest and research center for research and recreation, well maintained separate auditorium and conference halls which are very beneficial for the academic journey.  My favorite thing about IOF has to be the opportunities to get in involved in many different things beyond studying. For me I was involved in many sporting events and competition with my college and course mates, however, I was involved in varieties of green movements for conservation of ecology and biodiversity as well. The experiences and people I’ve met through these extra-curricular activities have been hugely beneficial for my career prospects and also my own mental wellbeing.

Now, I am working as Assistant Forest Officer at DFO, Rolpa and the knowledge and experience gained from IOF have become much more applicable in the real field. So, I am heartedly thankful to the IOF-PC for providing a great platform to carry out my study and enhance the bright light in my profession. This institute has felt like home from the beginning and deciding to study there was a decision that I would never regret. However, a bit of things IOF still need to improve. Bunch of students have to move outside the IOF periphery for the food because of unmanaged cafeteria. Some of the courses seem redundant as that content already being taught in the earlier semester and just become time consuming one.

It sounds hugely clichéd, but IOF was the making of me. As a person, I arrived not knowing anybody as this bright eyed, immature 19-year-old, but it gave me so many opportunities to grow as a person. I am immensely proud to call myself an alumnus of IOF and still feel a strong affinity to the institute. Knowing the services and facilities the institute boasts is a great asset in my professional career and it’s always so pleasing to see other IOF students thriving on the NRM sector and beyond. At last, IOF definitely enables students to make a difference through technically sound, competent, socially amiable and yielding services to the nation and the world in natural resources management.

Dipak RPJ Shahi, B.Sc .Batch (2067-71)
Assistant Forest Officer
Division Forest Office, Rolpa
Email: [email protected]

Dipak RPJ Shahi, B.Sc .Batch (2067-71)