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With its auspicious goal to produce competent and efficient human resource that can be instrumental in conservation and management of biodiversity, environment and natural resources and  development of rural communities, the IOF-PC, with the help of its enthusiastic teaching faculty and spirited staff, has always endeavored to ameliorate its academic environment and administer well designed educational programs that can address the current needs of the country  and the globe in forestry and allied fields. It is committed to satisfying student's quest for knowledge and pragmatic skills that will make all the difference in their professional career. The IOF-PC is currently running the following academic programs:

  1. Master of Science in Forestry
  2. Master of Science in Natural Resource Management and Rural Development (NRMRD)
  3. Master of Science in Watershed Management (WM)
  4. Master of Science in Community Forestry (CF)
  5. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Forestry

Beside regular academic programs, it also conducts short-term national and international training and workshops in Forestry and allied subjects.

Santosh Rayamajhi

  1. Name: Santosh Rayamajhi
  2. Position:   Professor
  3. Appointed Subject:   Forestry
  4. Department:  Parks Recreation and Wildlife Management
  5. Education:

PhD in Tropical Forestry and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen,   Denmark

MSc in Natural Resource Management, Agricultural University of Norway, Aas, Norway\Diploma in Energy Planning and Environment, Oslo University, Norway

MSc in Forestry, Forest Research Institute and University, Dehradun, India

BSc in Zoology, Amrit Science Campus, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu

  1.     Interest Area:  Biodiversity Conservation, Environmental Resource Management
  2.     Research and Publications

Thakur Silwal, Jaromir Kolejka, Bharat P. Bhatta, Santosh Rayamajhi, Ram P. Sharma And Buddi S. Poudel, 2016. When, where and whom: assessing wildlife attacks on people in Chitwan National Park, Nepal. Oryx (online), Fauna & Flora International doi:10.1017/S0030605315001489

Deepak K. Kharal, Udya K. Thapa,, Scott St. George, Henrik Meilby, Santosh Rayamajhi, Dinesh R. Bhuju 2016. Tree-climate relations along an elevational transect in Manang Valley, central Nepal. Dendrochronologia(online)

Rebecca L. Rutt, Bir Bahadur Khanal Chhetri, Ridish K. Pokharel, Santosh Rayamajhi, Krishna R. Tiwari and Thorsten Treue 2015. The scientific framing of forestry decentralization in Nepal. Forest Policy and Economics,Vol 60:51-60  (online)

Meilby Henrik, Smith-Hall Carsten, Byg Anja, Larsen Helle, Nielsen Oystein, Puri Lila,  Rayamajhi Santosh.  (2014). Are forest incomes sustainable? Firewood and timber extraction & forest productivity in community managed forests in Nepal. World Development, Vol  64 (S1), Pp S113-S124

Rutt,Rebecca L.,KhanalChhetri,B.B., Pokharel,R. K., Rayamajhi,S., Tiwari,K. R., &Treue,T. (2014).The scientific framing of forestry decentralization in Nepal   Forest Policy and Economics, Available online 19 July 2014 (

Meilby, H., Smith-Hall, C., Rayamajhi, S., et al. (2014). Are Forest Incomes Sustainable? Firewood and Timber Extraction and Forest Productivity in Community Managed Forests in Nepal. World Development (

Neilson, Ø. J., Rayamajhi, S., Uberhuaga, P., Meilby, H., and Smith-Hall, C. (2013). Quantifying rural livelihood strategies in developing countries using an activity choice approach.   Agricultural Economics, 44: 57-71.

Rayamajhi, S., Smith-Hall, C and Helles, F. (2012). Empirical evidence of the economic importance of Central Himalayan forests to rural households. Forest Policy and Economics, 20: 25-35.

Pokharel, R., S. Rayamajhi and K.R. Tiwari.(2012). Nepal’s community forestry: need of better governance.  In Okia Clement Akais ed., Global Perspectives on Sustainable Forest Management.ISBN 978-953-51-0569-5.

Puri, L., Meilby H., Rayamajhi, S. and Larsen, H. O. (2012). Growth and volume based on permanent sample plots in forests managed by communities. BankoJanakari 22, 11-18.

Christensen, M., Rayamajhi, S. and Meilby, H. (2009): Balancing fuelwood and biodiversity concerns in rural Nepal. Ecological Modelling 220, 522–532.

     Others (additional responsibilities)

Project Coordinator, SCIFOR Project 2014-2017 funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Member, TU Academic Council

Member, IOF Research Committee

Chair, Parks Recreation and Wildlife Management Subject Committee

Principal Supervisor for one PhD student at the IOF, Office of the Dean, Pokhara

  1. Contact Address

E-mail: [email protected]

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