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A Knowledge Sharing Workshop on Climate Change -2018

Youth Champions for Climate Change-YCCC, IOF, Pokhara is a group of students currently studying in Bachelor’s level at Institute of Forestry, Pokhara have conducted a 3 day long “A Knowledge Sharing Workshop on Climate Change- 2018” dated on September 6-8 at IOF Pokhara Campus. The program was organized to celebrate “Rise for Climate” on September 8 on the vision “To make 100 % fossil fuel free and renewable energy based city”. The main objective of the program was to produce climate activist to advocate for climate justice and to pressurize the local government to make fossil fuel free and renewable energy based city.

The workshop intended to handover signature collected to local government favoring the vision and mission of program. The workshop was inaugurated by mayor of Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Man Bahadur G.C by signing on the vision and mission that the workshop had forwarded. On September 8 the signature so far collected was handed over to the Chairperson of Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan Municipality, ward no. 15 (IOF is situated in ward No.15), Mr Prakash Poudel by Co-ordinator Ms. Saara Ranabhat. Slogan competition was organized among the participants to advocate climate justice from Nepal.

The workshop emphasized on enriching the knowledge of participants on Climate change, its adaptation, mitigation and resilience, national and international laws and policies, Climate related initiatives in Nepal, Forestry management and carbon relation, Climate change related issues in Annapurna Conservation Area, Plans and policies related to environment adopted by Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan Municipality, sustainable city, solid waste management, edible plastic and techniques of ground action campaigning. The sessions were facilitated by renowned personalities from respective fields.

The organizing team consisted of:

  • Ms. Saara Ranabhat(Co-ordinator)
  • Ms. Sraddha Gurung
  • Mr. Devendra dhakal
  • Mr. Sandesh Dhakal
  • Mr. Nischal Sedhai
  • Ms. Aarati Khatri
  • Ms. Bindu Poudel
  • Ms. Kamana Pathak
  • Ms. Pratirakshya Koirala
  • Mr. Ram Thapa (Advisor)

Photo Plates of Workshops: